Illustration of peopler running with Vote banners led by a wheelchair user.



‍The primary purpose of accessible is to provide content and tools that election officials can use to train poll workers. The first set of tools are quick reference guides that poll workers can use before and during election day.

By January 2023, the toolkits will be expanded to provide videos, slide presentations, resources on conducting polling place accessibility surveys, and recommendations for developing policies and procedures.


This website is both accessible and user-friendly.  Pages use headings, bullet-points, and text blocks to present content that is easy to find and understand. The site uses both identify-first and people-first language. is designed to be used across multiple platforms. Poll workers should be able to quickly reference content on smart phones.

Sponsor is hosted and developed by the Great Plains ADA Center, part of the ADA National Network.  The Great Plains ADA Center is authorized by a grant from the National Institute of Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) to provide technical assistance, information, and training on the ADA and disability awareness to Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.


The materials on this site are based upon U.S. Dept. of Justice and U.S. Election Commission documents. Best practices and recommendations come from disability organizations, the ADA National Network, and input from election officials.